If you’re wondering whether Hirebridge could be your solution, but have questions about the application, we’ve collected many of the most frequently asked questions about our solution. As you’ll discover, there’s a reason we sign the overwhelming  majority of companies to whom we demo the Hirebridge solution.

If you already have a Hirebridge demonstration scheduled, or are considering contacting with us, please spend a few moments reviewing these FAQs. You might find answers to your own questions; once in a demo, you’ll be able to focus on questions unique to your needs. In the process, you’ll discover just how powerful the Hirebridge solution is.

Q. Is Hirebridge a hosted solution or downloadable software?
A. Hirebridge is a fully hosted “software as a solution” (SaaS) system. We manage and maintain the entire application, including your data, which is housed and backed up in a triple-redundant server environment. There’s no software to download, install or update. All appropriate plan upgrades are immediately available with no deployment delays. And because it’s hosted on the Web, your Hirebridge account is accessible anywhere via Internet-enabled laptop, desktop or handheld device.

Q. Does Hirebridge connect easily with our corporate Website so we can post our open positions?
A. We can integrate the Hirebridge platform directly into your Website in less than half an hour – with little to no IT involvement. Once operational, Hirebridge is in direct control of what you post, allowing you to manage your job postings from within human resources or the hiring manager’s desk. Best of all, you’ll never again send a job opening to IT to post to the site.

Q. Can we limit internal users with regard to posting jobs, or do you have job requisition approvals?
Yes. Hirebridge offers a flexible job requisition approval process that typically can work for any situation. Many ATS systems have a rules-based system in the configuration area that dictates how job requisitions must be handled. Hirebridge is flexible enough to limit or allow appropriate hiring managers to post jobs within only those areas which they’ve been granted access by the system administrator.

Q. Can we restrict users/hiring managers from seeing only appropriate or candidates?
A. Yes. Filters and user access controls are available to empower administrators to let hiring managers view only appropriate candidates by department, location, job types or any combination of these or other parameters. And you create and select the parameters.

Q. How many administrators can we have on one plan?
A. One admin often doesn’t suit corporate needs. Hirebridge is flexible and unlimited. You can enable as many administrators on your plan as you need – up to the number of users allowable within the plan itself.

Q. Can we post to external job boards?
Yes. Through its DirectPost module and other solutions, Hirebridge extends the reach of every job posted to your corporate career center by automatically posting to such external job boards as Monster.com, CareerBuilder, HotJobs and Dice. We also provide the value-added service of posting nightly to GoogleBase, Indeed.com and SimplyHired. These sites’ associated distribution networks include such sites as LinkedIn.com, Six Figure Jobs, IEEE USA, About.com, ZoomInfo and others.

Q. Can we retain copies of candidate resumes?
A. Yes. But we take it a step further. When candidates apply, if they upload their resume, Hirebridge attaches the original resume to the candidate’s record for future reference and review. But Hirebridge also creates a text version of the resume for easy on-screen viewing and searching within the Hirebridge system – without having to download the document or use any plug-ins or attachments.

Q. We have a form candidates sign authorizing background checks? Can we put that – and other – forms online?
A. Yes. As part of the standard application process, many companies present candidates with forms or waivers that must be signed. Your customized documents or authorization forms can be placed on the system for candidates to digitally sign. Once completed by the applicant, these become a permanent part of his or her profile.

Q. We must collect EEO reporting information. Will Hirebridge allow us to do that?
A. Yes. As a standard part of the application process, candidates often are asked to provide voluntary self-identification information, including race/ethnicity, gender, Veterans status, disability, etc. The Hirebridge platform will allow you to collect and securely store that information.

Q. Does Hirebridge notify me when a candidate applies for a job?
A. Yes. If you prefer, notifications can be set at the job level, and Hirebridge can be set up for one or multiple hiring managers or users of the system to receive such notifications.

Q. When candidates submit their resumes or applications to us, they’ll often inquire to see if we’ve received it. Does the Hirebridge system send automatic confirmations to candidates after they apply for a job?
A. Yes. The system automatically sends notifications to candidates.

Q. Does Hirebridge offer a solution we can install in our internal system?
A. No. Hirebridge is only offered as a hosted solution at this point.

Q. Are your plans by the user?
A. No. While most companies are accustomed to per-user or per-seat pricing, unlike most SaaS companies, we don’t charge per-user fees. Our plans include a specific number of users. If you need more users, we devise a plan to suit your needs.

Q. How is the system priced? What’s the cost?
A. We have plans that start as low as $125 per month for a complete system and provide volume discounts based on the number of users needed. We can create a system configured to match any company’s size and budget.

Q. What are the set-up fees?
A. Initial set-up/integration fees start at $500, however, these will be waived for mulit-year agreements.

Q How do you bill for the service?
A. Standard billing cycles follow either an annual or semi-annual license agreement. But we’re flexible and accommodate specific users’ accounts-payable needs.

Q. Is Hirebridge user friendly?
A. Absolutely. User-friendliness was designed into Hirebridge. Customer research and feedback we receive from Hirebridge users reveal that with very little training, most users are comfortable with the system in a day or two. How is this so? Because the application was designed by HR professionals – not software engineers. It was created by people who use the system, and systems like it, everyday. The interface is designed so users typically can access the information they need within one or two clicks – without backing out to access new fields. Information and actions are logically placed exactly where users would expect them to be.

Q. How long has Hirebridge been in business?
A. Hirebridge began operations in early 2000, launched its first platform in early 2001, and has grown to become one of the leading ATS providers in the marketplace.

If you didn’t see your question here, contact us directly. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.


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