Every Hirebridge Recruiter Applicant Tracking platform comes with a suite of modules and components that helps put recruiting and hiring professionals in the best position to make the right hiring decisions every time. The Hirebridge Recruiter ATS platform includes the following components:

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Track applicants and candidates from initial submission through every step of the hiring process. Candidate resumes are deposited and stored in the corresponding job folders in your Hirebridge applicant tracking system. Status, stage and rank can be changed and controlled to match your company workflow and terminology across your enterprise. All correspondence, notes and activities are auto-logged within the candidate file for compliance tracking.

Career Site Hosting

Seamlessly integrate an attractive and interactive careers section into your existing website. Jobs are automatically updated without IT or webmaster intervention. HR controls it all! Visitors can search for and apply to jobs, upload resumes in a variety of formats, and forward job openings via email.

Job Requisition Management

Create job posts with one click. Job requisitions can be moved through the cycle with various stages, controlled by users. Jobs get posted to your Company Careers Site in real time - without IT staff resources.

Job Posting Gateway

Hirebridge Recruiter automatically submits your published job postings to the top job search sites ... FREE of charge! These powerful engines further extend your job postings by distributing them to websites such as The New York Times, MySpace, FoxNews.com and many, many more. And if you need to post your jobs to paid sites, you can do it right from your Hirebridge system without having to type anything (may require subscription to 3rd-party service provider).

Job Specific Pre-Screening Questions

Get to your short list faster by scoring and ranking candidates based on their responses to job-specific screening questions they see and answer during the application process.

Training & Customer Support

Hirebridge Recruiter specialists are available to help you every step of the way. We take support and training very seriously and your Hirebridge Account Manager will help you from initial setup throughout your Hirebridge experience.

Reporting & Analysis

Which are your best sources of referrals? How long did it take to fill positions over the past year? What kind of activities did your team perform last week? Our powerful reporting tools will provide you with these metrics and so much more. All reports are generated in real-time, plus they're interactive. You can even open them in Excel right to your desktop.

Original Resume Storage

Hirebridge also keeps a digital copy of the original application attached to the candidate file. This allows users to match any changes made to the file during the review process.

Searchable Candidate Database

Need to find candidates who match specific criteria? Locate them using a single interface that searches your entire candidate database at one time. Just tell the system what you're looking for and in seconds it will build a list of candidates.

Duplicate Candidate Prevention

Control duplicate candidate records with configurable rules that prevent employees and vendors from submitting candidates who are already in the system, and prevents candidates from submitting new applications for existing job requisitions that they are already attached to.

Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG)

Hirebridge Recruiter includes a new rich text editor which enables you to create WYSIWYG job descriptions without HTML coding.

Controllable User Access

Control user access for your Hirebridge system across your enterprise. Administrators can grant users various degrees of access, giving you control of tasks performed throughout the system.

Automatic Notifications & Alerts

Alerts can be set to notify one or multiple people each time a candidate applies for a job. Applications can automatically be forwarded to hiring managers if needed, without human interaction.

Requisition Cost Tracking

Track requisition costs for each expense, including those related to interviews, job board posts, travel, etc. Reports can be generated to show cost per requisition and cost per hire.

Task & Schedule Management

Add recruiting appointments and tasks to your dedicated calendar, then easily add them to your desktop calendaring software (Outlook, Lotus, etc.) with the click of a button.

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