Hirebridge Recruiter for Corporate HR  is the ideal solution for organizations that want to centralize their recruiting process with a powerful, easy-to-use hiring management system. Hirebridge simplifies the recruiting and hiring process and gives every member of your hiring team access to the information that they need to make informed hiring decisions every time.

Scalable Hiring Management Solutions That Grow With Your Enterprise

Hirebridge Recruiter is feature-rich and can seamlessly scale as your needs grow.

Affordable And Comprehensive Tools Help Optimize The Process

Hirebridge Recruiter Corporate HR  Edition helps organizations:

Ensure A Positive Experience For Candidates

Experience the simplicity and ease of a Hirebridge powered-career site. Discover how a fully automated system that requires little manual resume entry can make the application process faster and more efficient. Automated notification emails keep the candidates in the loop and assure them that their resumes are in the system. These personalized touches help give candidates a great first impression of your organization.

A Productive Experience For Recruiters & Hiring Managers

Recruiters and hiring managers will appreciate how simple Hirebridge Recruiter is to learn and use. Productivity increases as system users have more time to concentrate on the big picture -- identifying the best talent, not exerting time and effort on unproductive administrative tasks.

Hirebridge Corporate Edition Starts @ $125 Per Month

Hirebridge Recruiter starts at only $125 per month. Contact us today to learn just how quickly and easily your business or organization can integrate a Hirebridge-powered system into your environment.


Have questions about Hirebridge's applicant tracking software or hiring management solutions? Visit our Features Page or give us a call at 1-954-906-5727. We are here to help.

Our free trial account gives you plenty of time to get familiar with the powerful features available with Hirebridge Recruiter. It's risk free. No credit card required. Sign up today!

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